Day 1:  

Today is day 1.  I started off slow because I woke up later than expected.845 to be exact.  My plan was to take my first meal at 7am and take my 4 other meals on 3-hour intervals, finishing my last meal around 7pm.    My reasoning is that I went to bed later than usual last night due to my vlog entry and contest submission email deadline (midnight).  I don’t see myself doing this late start throughout the challenge mainly because I have office hours most days… today being the exception. 

Upon waking, I took my oregano and herbs as directed.  Meal 1 was cooked and prepared within about 20 min.  Took my slenderiix and xceler8 drops and  ate my scrambled eggs with 2 cups of spinach cooked in coconut oil.  It didn’t taste that bad at all.  Not sure if I can do this everyday… meaning cook and eat the same thing everyday for my first meal.  I guess I can mix it up a bit by making an omelet or hard-boiling the eggs instead.  

After eating the meal, I took my optimals, omegas, and vinali supplements.  I also prepared my water for the day.  My goal is 90oz of water per day which is about 3/4 gallon of water.  That’s definitely more than I’m used to, partly because I forget to drink water throughout the day.  To combat this I’m going to put timers on my phone to remind me.  Let’s see how that works.