We thought you may have high interest in this CBD Oil.

World famous Chemist, Dr. Chris Shade, researched CBDs and recently developed his own CBD Oil. He uses his patented nano-emulsion, liposomal delivery system which allows 95-100% sublingual absorption, and immediate delivery to the CBD receptor sites in the brain and body!

The CBD Oil Dr. Shade uses is from Industrial Hemp, cultivated for human consumption in China, for over 5,000 years. This strain is now grown organically in Spain and Switzerland, and imported by Dr Shade. “It’s the best CBD Oil (he) has ever seen”. It is THC free.

PrimeMyBody CBD Hemp Oil is a FOOD SUPPLEMENT, legal in our 50 States, and 42 countries. 

IT CANNOT CLAIM TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT OR CURE ANY AILMENT (but research CBDs to find out the myriad of conditions it HAS been shown to help, e.g.

Dr. Shade teamed up with the PrimeMyBody Company (already selling plant-based products) as a vehicle to distribute his product to the public, globally.

PrimeMyBody has grown 8,000% over the past few months, because of this Oil.

PMB “officially” launched the Company 4 weeks ago. Within days PMB became the #1 retailer of CBD Oil in the US!

Check out the company and Oil (and the compensation plan if you want to become an affiliate- you can enroll on this 

Dr. Chris Shade’s presentation at the Prime My Body company Launch: (You’ll learn everything you need to know about this CBD Oil and the Endocannabanoid System of the brain and body.)
PrimeMyBody | Hemp Oil Training
P.S. As a company launch special, PMB has reopened their Founder’s Circle for one month. This ends TODAY, July 8 @ 11:59 CST. It requires enrolling ($39 fee includes your own website, trainings, conference calls, back office, etc), and purchase of their Founder’s Package (6-50ml bottles of CBD Hemp Oil, and 10-10ml sample bottles).

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PMB currently ships only in the US, but is currently expanding into Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China; then Mexico…and Jan. 2018, into Europe

They will be posting on the Australian Stock Market soon.