New Product and Distribution CBD HEMP

Subject: BEST CBD HEMP OIL CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! We thought you may have high interest in this CBD Oil. World famous Chemist, Dr. Chris Shade, researched CBDs and recently developed his own CBD Oil. He uses his patented nano-emulsion, liposomal delivery system which allows 95-100% sublingual absorption, and immediate delivery to the CBD receptor sites in

Dr. Marvin Balances An Unbalanced Bite

If you ever thought, “My bite just doesn’t feel right.” Well, it most likely isn’t. However, most dentists have no clue how to diagnose nor treat this. The reason for this is that most insurances don’t cover this procedure. And if it doesn’t have anything to do with cleaning teeth, filling teeth, drilling crowns or

Dr. Marvin Explains Why You Need To Pick Yourself Up

Dr. Marvin Explains Why You Need To Pick Yourself Up when things are bad. I learned this recently that it is not only good to recognize what went wrong when something failed, but also what you need to do (action-step). It is not for you!  It is for the good of humankind.

Dr. Marvin Day 21 Video Blog

So I’m 21 days into my first and only (so far) fitness journey. My goal is to be in the best fitness shape of my life. I think I’m on my way. What do you think?

Day 1 – You Gotta Start Somewhere

Day 1:   Today is day 1.  I started off slow because I woke up later than expected.845 to be exact.  My plan was to take my first meal at 7am and take my 4 other meals on 3-hour intervals, finishing my last meal around 7pm.    My reasoning is that I went to bed

Dr. Marvin 2017 Get Fit Fast Challenge

Hello World, No shame here.  In this video, near the end, you’ll see me bare my “fatty” physique.  Don’t blink because it is only for a couple of seconds. I hope you will join me in making 2017 the year that you focus on your health… because I am. Today is Day 0 in my journey.

How To Find/Choose A Holistic Dentist

Choosing a holistic or natural dentist is extremely difficult.  People from all over the globe somehow find my practice website,, and ask “Do you have an office in my area or know someone who I can go to in my area?” Sometimes, they want me to send them to a dentist who is 5-10

Dr. Marvin Takes On The Dad Bod With 3x Fat Loss Program

Hello.  I’m Dr. Marvin and I have a Dad Bod. If you don’t know what a Dad Bod is, then imagine a man with a tire right above his waist. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Segal, Seth Rogal, and Adam Sandler have been spotted with the Dad Bod.  And to many (both men and women),